Gregory Paul: "Shocking News – Anne Coulter Lies About Number of Ameroracists!"

Yes, I know. How could it be? How could the darling of the hard right, Ann Coulter, publish a lie? Surely I must be mistaken you think.

I first picked up on her latest whooper while she was promoting her newest book, Mugged: Racial Demagoguery From the Seventies to Obama, on Real Time. She said something about their being more child pornographers than racists in these United States. Says the same – a “nation with more child pornographers than racists” — on her website blurb for her latest book ( In he book on p. 14 she specifically says that by “1970, there were more child pornographers in the country than racists.” Did not read the entire book – am not sufficiently masochistic to do that – but could not spot a similar statement elsewhere in the book, nor any footnotes documenting the odd claim.

Coulter is trying to minimize racism by making it seem so scarce these days that it is no longer an acute problem for blacks who really should get over their victim hood, and become the conservative Republicans all true Americans should and must be. That way the Grand Old Party will no longer the over 90% white political club that it is (when whites make up just 60% of the general population). And she is trying to absolve the white community, specifically the conservatives, of the sin of racism. The attitude never having been common among conservocaucasians in the first place according to her historical analysis such as it is. Like every other problem that has ever occurred, its all the fault of liberals in Ann’s world, right wingers never being guilty of anything in her world-view. Also on the Coulter agenda is portraying any defeat of Obama as due entirely to his being the most extreme liberal ever nominated (never mind FDR, Truman, Stevenson, LBJ, Humphrey, McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry), rather than right wing racism.

If it cannot be shown that there actually are more child porn makers out there than racists, then Coulter is lying to at least some degree. She is lying through her teeth if it can be shown that there are more bigots than youth oriented perverts. Fortunately these questions can be answered.

First let’s take a look at how many child pornographers there are. This is hard to pin down — no one calls folks up and asks them if they are producing such perversion as part of scientific surveys. The best data source I could dig up was a study published by the US Department of Justice ( Unable to give absolute figures, they note that about 3000 child porn cases arise in a given year, or about 0.03 percent of crimes. This is an understatement of the crimes that actually occur, but total sex crimes against children amount to about a quarter million yearly, of which a minority involve production of porn. So we can say that child pornographers amount to many thousands (also see Those who utilize child porn must be greater, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands, maybe the low millions.

Getting a handle on how many racists there are is much easier. That’s because there are survey’s that sample this item.

A person who refuses to vote for a black person is automatically a racist. Maybe not a go out and lynch a colored fellow this weekend, KKK style racist. But a racist nonetheless. Gallup has been asking folks if they would vote for an African American for a good while ( Now, this is a little tricky demographics wise, because many racists are reluctant to admit that they are so to pollsters, so the below values are probably lower than the reality. To get some absolute numbers we take the reported percentage who did not respond yes to being willing to help elect a black president and multiply that by the population at the time. Because the years around 1970 were not sampled the value is estimated by bracketing it between earlier and later surveys. Here are the results.

Population % won’t vote for Number of electoral racists

in millions a black president in millions

1958 175 62+ 110+

1970 205 ~45+ 90+

1978 220 33+ 75+

1999 280 5+ 14+

2012 315 4+ 13+

So these days there are around 15 million or more who are racist enough to not vote for blacks, perhaps substantially more. The number exceeds that of Jews and Mormons combined. Back in 1970 it was some 100 million ballot bigots. No way there were more child pornographers – that would be about half the population — when Nixon was president as Coulter claims in Mugged, and even today the electoral racists strongly outnumber the perverts according to the data on hand.

But wait, there’s more Ameroracism. Literally. An Associated Press survey ( fresh from the pollsters finds that just over half of Americans are explicit racists, with implicit racists adding a few percent. And while the bias is not entirely partisan, Repub racists outnumber Dem bigots two to one. No two ways about it. Racism remains a serious affliction for blacks, and an important national problem and embarrassment.

Whether Ann made up her claims, or knows the actual numbers, she is lying. Big time. The liar is trivializing and insulting blacks by pretending that racism has been so reduced that it is no longer a vital issue for those of African extraction when they of course know that it is. Coulter is so out there in right field that she actually defends the late ban on interracial dating at Bob Jones U as being the result of the protests of an Asian set of parents so what’s the problem – it’s so Bizarro World that one wonders if Ann is seeing what BS her readers will swallow while giving the rest of us a little tell that she doesn’t really mean it. For that matter her going on about there being more kid porn producers than bigots has the odor of an over the top joke on her gullible fans. After all, to actually believe there are not a lot of bigots about one has to be dumb ass. It’s no secret that a good chunk of the white population won’t marry a black person and are not particularly happy when relations and others do.

While Coulter may be pulling our legs, in doing so she is dancing a dangerous right wing jig that is damaging the conservatism she professes to promote. Specifically, she writes and talks as though there are three groups: liberals largely white and Democratic; conservatives largely Republican and nearly all white; and blacks who are an oddly detached topic of discussion between libs and conserves. Except for venomous attacks on liberal black elites like Al Sharpton, blacks just sort of float there in her book, blogs and appearances without definition. As sort of victims of them there liberals.

There’s a reason for that. In Coulter world all liberals including Democrats are fools to the point of being pernicious if not evil. She claims that liberals are only pretending to try to help out blacks to make themselves feel better. Only conservatives truly care about African Americans.

But here is the sociopolitical fatal flaw in Coulter (= right wing) land. It’s not like blacks are a bunch of clueless nonpoliticals who don’t have their own opinions, and are up for grabs by liberal versus conservative whites. The awkward reality for conservatives is that nearly all blacks are progressive Democrats who will vote enmasse for Obama. So, by the conservative theory of the liberal loathing Coulter and the right they effectively portraying nearly all blacks as pernicious fools. There is no attempt by the right, Coulter included, to ask what the black majority what they think because they are wrong, so why ask? It is they who must realize the error of their foolish ways and submit to the wisdom of the white right. It is a direct descendent of southern white paternalism. It is a slap in the face of most blacks who don’t know better than to be suckered by those white liberals. That the GOP has hardly any black members is not the fault of the GOP, it is the fault of the imprudent blacks. Which of course is why hardly any blacks vote Repub, they not being nearly docile enough to kiss the asses of those who so disrespect them and their interests.

Mugged as a whole is an angry tirade that eggs on the white GOP base by dismissing and slighting blacks and their concerns by lecturing and hectoring them that they are a bunch of idiots who should do what the nearly all white Republican party — half of whose members dwell in the old Confederacy that defended slavery, then ran a vicious apartheid state, and then embraced Nixon’s GOP southern strategy of racial resentment – tells them to because white Republicans know what is best for the minority. One can smell the anger of Coulter and her readers – how dare African Americans not realize that the Republican Way is the only true American Way? What is wrong with them? Coulter even lashes out at the supposedly excessive pensions of black workers – this from a woman rolling in the proceeds from her screeds.

And Ann engages in the standard, Bizzaro History conservative historical line that it was liberal Democrats who oppressed blacks while the Republicans were their true friends. The sincere GOP effort to aid blacks that began under Lincoln came to an end after Grant (who was later trashed by the southern reactionary white historians who pushed the myth of the noble Lost Cause). After that the party of Lincoln paid lip service to black rights without doing all that much about it because they made up such a small fraction of their membership. Of course most southern whites were not about to vote for the party of the Great Emancipator who crushed their precious slave nation, so they formed a special right wing of the Democratic Party. All the states that banned evolution from public classrooms were Jim Crow lynching states were every few weeks a black man or two was tortured to death in public spectacles. Had a white person in the crowd yelled out they believed in evolution and/or were an atheist they too would have been lynched. The south has always been the most religiously, socially, economically and politically reactionary, antiunion, procorporate section of the nation. Most blacks know this. And Ann merely further insults them by lying to them about it.

Mugged is not written for blacks many of whom do not know who the Princess of the right is. Nor does she make a sincere attempt to reach out and understand what blacks think and why and thereby try to persuade them. Because she insults the black majority, she is helping out the left by better ensuring that the GOP continues to be the amazing shrinking white political club that it has always been and always will be, in a nation fast heading towards minority majority status.

Thanks Ann!

Coulter could not give a damn about nonconservative blacks whom she has no acquaintance with, and no means to bring over to her side. It is white reactionaries and the occasional right wing black she’s pandering to. Because Mugged is for her white fan base and is perniciously deceptive it is racist. As are its approving and electorally self destructive readers.

And while on the issue of racism, I was watching the end of the last presidential debate when I noticed that Mitt seemed to be sweating. He was pulling a Nixon – who had the excuse of being seriously ill when he took on Kennedy. Perhaps it was the extra insulation of his Mormon full body underwear – really, it’s a physiological possibility. Perhaps he was experiencing what the theatrical crowd calls “flop sweat” as he realized that Barack was cleaning his political clock and there was nothing he could come up with on the spot to do something about it until the debate clock ran out. Perhaps it was a combination of both. Sweating under pressure does not bode well for his ability to handle presidential crises. This contrasts with the perpetual cool of the President, an attribute that contributes to his qualifications for the office.

That so little attention has been directed towards Romney sweating on stage outside the progressive media smacks of casual racism. To understand why let’s run a thought experiment. Imagine that it was not Romney who sweated, but Obama. Had that happened there would have been a tremendous reaction among conservative whites. Not among liberal whites, or conservative blacks, but among conservative whites. The black man sweating would have been seen among the racists from hard core to marginal as confirmation that the nonCaucasian does not belong in the White House.

To believe that racism is not playing a role in 2012 national politics like Ann wants us all to imagine, requires that you be naïvely or obtusely delusional. John Sununu’s sly allegation that Colin Powell is backing Obama again because they are both black is classic casual code (see

– following his own logic Sununu is backing Romney because they are both white. Obama is behind Romney around 20% among white voters nationwide, only a quarter of southern whites will vote for him. The Associated Press survey calculates that the balance between electoral racism on one hand, and voting for Obama because he is black on the other will cost him 2% of the national vote, which is in rough line with the Gallup results. So if Romney wins, it will be partly due to good old, right wing, all American bigotry.

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