ESJRR: "Call for Blog Essays: Time, Labor and the Work Week"

The Economic and Social Justice Reality Report is a new policy / theory blog seeking to amplify voices advocating progressive transformation in realms such as employment, gender, education, race, debt, sexuality, taxation, ethnicity and property.

For our first four-six blog essay posts, we are seeking contributions of 500-1000 words in length concerning the relationship between time, labor, the work week, the working day, by engaging already-existing movements or new proposals for a shorter workweek at full pay, a shorter workday at full pay, or, as Douglas Rushkoff suggests, a cultural shift away from the centrality of work itself, supported perhaps, by a federally-guaranteed minimum income for all.

Contributions drawing on progressive and left economic theory, critical theory and cultural theory are all welcome, but we primarily encourage blog essays written in a clear, broadly-understandable style, that emphasize not only economic "nuts and bolts", but also the broader quality of life benefits inherent in spending less time at work and more time at life.

Please send blog essay proposals, along with graphics, videos and links, to for consideration. All contributions will be published copyright-free or by creative commons, so as to encourage resharing and republishing in as many online venues as possible (with attribution to EJRR). Accepted blog essayists will be considered for inclusion in a team of ongoing contributors, though one-time posts are very welcome also.

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